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Welcome to the City of Selkirk Campground reservation page. Campground reservations are only available online.

Reservations for the 2022 camping season will open in April 2022. Specific dates will be announced in the new year.

New seasonal campers, can reserve their sites when reservations open to the general public in April 2022.

Returning seasonal campers from 2021 will be contacted directly by email with application information for dates. Priority reservation is given to seasonal campers who were guests with the City of Selkirk Park Campground in previous year.

2021 City of Selkirk Park Campground Rates

Length of ReservationServiceRate with GST
Per NightPower$22.47
Per NightNo Power$17.55
Per WeekPower$118.40
Per WeekNo Power$88.54
Per MonthPower$449.99
Per MonthNo PowerN/A
Per SeasonPower$1627.34
Per SeasonNo PowerN/A

Campground Map

Located in Selkirk Park – 490 Eveline Street, entrance located at the corner of Queen Ave and Eveline Street.

Camping Season

Tentative Camping Season: Friday May 24-Monday October 11, 2021

Camping Units, Equipment and Structures

Camping Units:

Only one camping unit is permitted per site. 

The City of Selkirk Park Campground defines a camping unit as:

  • Tent
  • Tent trailer
  • Camper-truck (the truck on a camper-truck is not consider a vehicle, camper-truck is an individual camping unit, and another unit may not be on the campsite)
  • Camping trailer
  • Fifth-wheel trailer
  • Motor home

Equipment and Structures:

All allowable structures, equipment and a single motor vehicle must fit in the defined campsite. Campsites must not be modified or enlarged in any way by encroaching on green space. Destroying or removing existing natural features or City of Selkirk property (electrical posts, signage, picnic tables, fire pits…etc.) or boulders placed for site definition is prohibited.

City of Selkirk Campground staff may identify issues pertaining to allowable structures, equipment or camping footprint. If a campsite is deemed non-compliant, the permit holder must resolve issues within two weeks of notification being given to avoid risks including forfeiting seasonal camping permit without compensation and disqualification of returning seasonal application process for the next year.

List of Permitted Equipment and Structures:

One camping unit in addition to the combination of any of the following permitted equipment and structures must not exceed the allowable footprint:

  • One additional sleeping tent
    • for children or 2 adults may be permitted
    • 2–4-person tent
    • Must not exceed 65 sq. ft (6.03 square metres)
  • One screened dining tent
    • Must not exceed 144 sq. ft (13.37 square metres)
    • May not be used for storage of garbage, recyclables or any combustible material
  • One add-a-room
    • Canvas or vinyl and screened material product, commonly sold with trailers, which attaches to the trailer or recreational vehicle
  • One horizontal tarp
    • Must not exceed 144 sq. ft. (13.37 square metres) or the footprint of the camping unit whichever is less
    • Allowed for shelter, only if an add-a-room or roll-out awning does not exist
    • Only ropes permitted for securing tarps to trees (do not damage trees)
    • All ropes to be removed at season end
  • Holding tanks
    • Allowed if they are part of the camping unit or are a recognized portable wastewater receptacle
    • Examples of recognized portable wastewater receptables allowed: Smart Totes or Tote Along
  • Refrigerators
    • Permitted if they are contained within one of the allowable structures on the campsite.
    • They must be locked or housed within a locked structure

In addition to the above equipment and structures, the following equipment is permitted on a campsite if space allows:

  • One motor vehicle is allowed per site and a valid camping permit must be displayed.
    •  Other vehicles must be parked in the Boat launch parking lot.
    •  Exceptions for a second vehicle may be made with the Campground office for those requiring accessible parking with a registered handi-cap permit.
  • One boat with trailer or a utility trailer (valid registration must be maintained)

Equipment or structures other than those listed above are not permitted.


If a camping unit is on site without a valid permit before or after the term of you camping permit, you are subject to all the following:

  • Having your camping unit removed or towed at your own expense.
  • Being charged for occupying City of Selkirk Park land without a valid permit.
  • Paying camping fees for each night the camping unit occupied the site without a valid permit.

Campsites are intended for use by the permit holder (the person who booked the site) and immediate family (which is generally defined as parent(s)/guardian(s) and their children under the age of 18 with the possible addition of a grandparent or similar immediate relative).

A campsite may be occupied by the permit holder and up to a maximum of 6 campers.

Camping permits grant the right to occupy a specified campsite for the period listed on the permit.  Camping fees cover the term of the camping permit including start and end dates.


Camping permits are not transferable, the individual who makes the reservation must be the individual using the camping site. Renting, subletting, sharing, or switching campsites is not permitted and may result in the cancellation of your camping permit.

Proof of insurance:

All camping units (except tents) must be registered with Manitoba Public Insurance (or equivalent) and display a valid license.